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Growing Leaders Program

Schumann & Fisher in partnership with Darren Box

The Growing Leaders Program starts on 28th March 2022 and costs $7,7000 (including GST).


To prepare high performing Executive Level 1, 2 and equivalent public sector staff for success in the Senior Executive Service - or to excel at the EL levels

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Who is the program for?

  • High performing APS, State/Territory SOG C, B, A and EL1 and 2 staff, and former participants of our Professional Foundations Program

  • As the program will be available both in-person in Canberra and over Microsoft Teams, we welcome participants from anywhere in Australia and from overseas with a compatible time zone

  • Our participants want flourishing public sector careers and want to make a powerful difference

  • We focus our group diversity, drawing participants from a wide range of agencies, work functions, regions and levels of government

By the end of the program, participants will have

  • An understanding of the public sector system and the broader contexts it operates within - that is, the ‘rules of the game'

  • The tools, knowledge and ability to explore and respond collaboratively to complex, adaptive problems under tight timeframes

  • Developed the knowledge and tools to competently lead, build and manage teams (and individuals), and work programs

  • Learnt skill and developed an understanding of self and others, allowing them to respond effectively to pressure, at a personal, team and system level



Module 1 - Envision

28th of March 

Module 2 - Embark

29th of April

Module 3 - Design

27th of May

Module 4 - Influence

20th of June

Module 5 - Lead

29th of July

Module 6 - Collaborate

26th of August

Module 7 - Enable

23rd of September

Module 8 - Deliver

28th of October

Module 9 - Complete 

25th of November

What's different about the Foundation's approach?

This is a cohort-based, action-learning program. We use knowledge, tools and approaches developed specifically for the public sector. Invaluable support is provided from current and former senior public servants.


The program has been designed by experienced senior public sector practitioners. It draws on the expertise of other senior leaders and academics, and applies international best practice and ‘future of the public sector’ initiatives, using case studies, research and expert guests


We emphasise exposure to a diversity of experience and worldviews, which means participants are drawn from a range of APS and state agencies and across functional areas. This diversity helps participants develop enduring networks of high benefit to their future careers.


Jo Schumann and Melanie Fisher- former SES officers in the APS and ACT Government and co-founders of the successful public sector Professional Foundations Program.

Email: inquiries@schumannfisher.com

Website: www.schumannfisher.com


Darren Box- an experienced former senior executive who has worked in large and small agencies at the state, federal and international level

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The program costs $7,700 including GST