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Schumann&Fisher offers customised individual and group coaching designed to enhance engagement, bolster confidence, and elevate performance. By integrating the principles of intentional change, mindfulness, and positive psychology, along with our vast public sector expertise, we craft a tailored coaching experience to address the unique needs of each individual or team.

Coaching opportunities are often reserved for more senior staff, but we firmly believe in extending access to all levels. Providing guided observation, reflection, and practice opportunities throughout one's career journey yields substantial benefits for both the individual and the organisation.


Our coaching approach may incorporate psychometric assessment tools and structured discussions with supervisors, peers, and subordinates to ensure that we effectively address the specific needs of each individual.

Career Coaching

'The Professional Coaching has helped me to build an understanding of my career goals, and given me the confidence and tools needed to set the wheels in motion to act on these goals.'

Our career coaching supports you in understanding what you bring to a role, team and organisation, how to leverage your strengths and which areas to focus on developing.

We help you plan, prepare, practice, and reflect on your career journey. 

Based on your needs, we also offer communication, persuasion, and presentation skills training.

Our career coaching is available in various formats, such as one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or a combination of both, face-to-face or online.

Team Coaching

High-performing, satisfied teams share key traits like a clear purpose, trust among members, and a sense of meaning and impact.

We offer team coaching using techniques from coaching, Agile, Design Thinking, and Digital Leadership. 

Our team coaching approach is flexible and focused on the needs of your team. However, we also use a four-step team development process.

Step 1: Building Positive Intent – We start by creating a positive and cooperative atmosphere in the team, underpinned by the DISC assessment tool.

Step 2: Understanding Your Stakeholders – We help define the team's purpose and establish clarity and permission with all involved parties.

Step 3: Creating a Team Charter – We define goals, methods, values and how the team will work together.

Step 4: Practice, Learn, Refine – The final step involves reflecting on how the team has been functioning since the initial discussions and identifying and agreeing on any refinements.

'It has definitely helped me understand other people’s motivations and ways of working better. I think it has also helped me be a better manager for my staff.'

'I now think more deeply about what I want out of my career and have implemented a plan to get there.'


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