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Foundations Program

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Starting June 15th 2021

Who is our Program for?

  • ASO/APS 5 - SOGC/EL1 public sector members.

  • Our participants want flourishing public sector careers. They want to make a powerful difference.

  • We focus on group diversity, drawing participants from a wide range of agencies, work functions, regions and levels of government.

Between us, we've worked at:

  • At local, state, federal and international levels of government

  • For Governors-General, ministers and secretaries

  • In policy, service delivery, program design and management, corporate, at the frontline and in research

What does the program deliver?

  • Mindsets, Practical Tools, and Strategies.

  • Executive Coaching. Conversations with Senior Leaders.

  • Practise in human-centered design and agile tools.

  • Problem Analysis and solutions for the public sector.

  • A diverse network across all levels of Government .


The program runs across ten workshops, one month apart (in person or via videoconference) from 9 am to 4:30 pm – June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2021. The program continues to run into 2022 from February, March and April. Each workshop has a theme and will also include interesting conversations with guest speakers. The workshops are held at the National Archives in the Parliamentary triangle. 

​1. Awkward introductions and icebreakers - 15th of June

This session covers - who are you, your agency and your DISC profile.

2. The Public Sector and public policy – what is it good for? - 28th of July 2021

This session covers-  key concepts from economics, philopshy and political science. We discuss the digital age, possible futures and implications fo governments and public sectors

3. The Public Sector and how public administration stuff works - 27th of August

This session provides- understanding of those things that are integral to the life of a public servant. 

4. Knowing you, Knowing me - 17th of September
This session covers - mental wellbeing, physical health and nutrition.

5. Stakeholders "R" Us - 15th of October

This session covers - needs, values and worldwide views of ourselves and those we work for. 

6. Project design and hackathon episode 1 - 12th of November
This sessions involves - working with teams to develop and explore a protect topic. 

7. Project hackathon episode 2 - 1st of December

This session covers - the progression of the hackathon with the support of people who have finished the program. 

8. Baby Shark Tank- 24th of February

This session covers - the teams presenting their project progress toa guest panel and their colleagues. 

9. Tips and Tricks - Managing yourself and others - 24th of March

This session covers - developing action plans and further steps from the knowledge you have developed over the course of the program.

10. Whale Shark Tank - 21st of April
This session covers - Project teams present their project findings to a panel of senior APS and ACT Public Service leaders and to an audience of their supervisors, SES team mentors, colleagues, and peers from other Cohorts. We then say our farewells. 

Tools and Assessment 
  • DISC

  • Workplace motivators

  • Schwartz values wheel

  • Goleman's leadership styles

  • 5 executive coaching sessions

  • Team project using agile & human-cenered design tools with an SES mentor

  • Project presentations to 2 panels of SES and senior SES

  • Additional workshops on emerging themes (included free for all past and current participants)


$5,500 including GST

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