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Coaching for individuals

Our individual and group coaching is designed to improve engagement, confidence and performance. We tailor coaching to the needs of the individual or team. Our approach is based on current research into the concepts of intentional change, mindfulness and positive psychology.


While coaching opportunities are usually available to more senior staff, we see value in offering coaching to staff at all levels. There is significant benefit to both the individual and the organisation from access to a guided observation, reflection and practice opportunity at all career stages.


Coaching may include psychometric assessment tools and structured discussion with supervisors, peers and subordinates if this will assist in meeting the needs of the individual.


Career Coaching

'I now think more deeply about what I want out of my career, and have implemented a plan to get there'

- Mentoree from Schumann & Fisher

We help people with career planning, preparation, practice and reflection. Depending on the needs of the individual, we may also provide training on communication, influence and presentation skills.


Career coaching can be provided on either a one-to-one basis, to groups or a mix of both.


Team Coaching

High performing teams demonstrate a common set of characteristics, including clear structure and purpose, trust and dependability, and meaning and impact.


We use techniques from the coaching, Agile, Design Thinking and Digital Leadership literature and offer team coaching in five sequential stages. Teams may take as few or as many stages as desired but they do need to be taken in order.

  • Stage 1 - Building positive intent

  • Stage 2 - Stakeholders – purpose, clarity and permission

  • Stage 3 - Team Charter – goals, methods, values and designing agility

  • Stage 4 - Action plans, next steps and sprinting

  • Stage 5 - Practicing, learning and refining

Register for Coaching

Register for Coaching

Please fill out the form below for the coaching. If possible, provide us with information on what you are looking for to gain from personal coaching and career mentoring. We will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact us at

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